Industrial coatings need to be applied in line with a planned maintenance schedule to ensure that critical infrastructure equipment is not adversely affected by the elements. If this added protection is not applied to the correct film thicknesses then your operations could be affected by serious downtime issues.

Our industrial coating painters have the training and experience to work in all types of industrial environments, this means that we can expertly access difficult areas effectively and minimise the time required between maintenance schedules by applying an advanced industrial coating solution, specified by a trusted specialist industrial coatings manufacturer.

Working together with our supply chain we ensure that key factors such as access, downtime, outages and life cycle requirements are all considered at specification stage. Quality is checked throughout, firstly, during the surface preparation stage when we use either manual or mechanical techniques to achieve the required surface finish. Techniques include high pressure water jetting, wire brushes or grit blasting. Regular checks are then made whilst the coatings are applied to ensure that the stated wet film thicknesses are being achieved from each layer of protective coating.

We can also arrange independent third party inspection to verify our quality control processes at each stage of the preparation and coating process. As a member of the Institute of Corrosion (ICORR) our customers can be assured of our commitment to the professional application of coatings and their inspection using our own directly employed ICATS (Industrial Coatings Applicator Training Scheme) qualified personnel and paint inspectors.