John Hill Associates Ltd has worked with Murvic Contracts ltd for a number of years on an assortment of projects. Initially, industrial and commercial refurbishment works ranging from £50K to up £1M to more recently large scale industrial projects such as a £1.5m store. We have also worked alongside Murvic Contracts ltd on a number of smaller scale traditional build refurbishment projects with a more residential type construction. John Hill Associates Ltd, together with Murvic have delivered many, on time, on budget successful refurbishment and new build projects for numerous clients.

Following the success of or initial commissions, Murvic Contracts Ltd have been invited to join John Hill Associates’. “Approved Contractors List” and subsequently have been invited to tender for a variety of works on behalf of our clients.

I foresee that Murvic Contracts Ltd will join many more tender lists for our practise as the professional and proficient attitudes shown on past schemes together with their attention to detail makes Murvic Contracts Ltd a pleasure to work with.

John A O’Neill

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